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Alatech Home Inspection Services

Alabama Home Inspections

Your home inspection will be performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the State of Alabama and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and will include an evaluation and description of: 

For the Standards of Practice of the State of Alabama go to their website, click here.

Synthetic Stucco Inspection

A Stucco Moisture Analysis is to access the condition of the stucco system, looking for visible flaws, inadequate water diversion and sealant failures and conduct moisture readings using electronic moisture devices.


Further investigation may be needed to determine the extent of water damage, if any, and how best to modify your home to address any moisture problems that may be indicated in the inspection report.

synthetic Stucco inspection

A stucco inspection is limited to the following; sealants, flashing, windows, doors, roof-to-stucco transitions, parapets, gutters, deck-to-building connections, stucco terminations, and any penetrations through the stucco. The inspection consists of photos of sections of the home incorporated in the report with observations of potential problem areas and recording any high readings found. The report provides detailed information on typical moisture-related problems in the home and how to repair and maintain a water resistant cladding.


Not all EIFS or stucco houses leak, although they will at some point in the future, if not properly maintained. Others, however,  leak from construction onward. Leaks can occur due to: Missing or improper roof/wall flashing, leaking windows and doors, penetrations through the cladding and improper deck flashing. See the photo of the leaks detected at the vent and roof returns. 


Because this is a limited inspection, we can make no guarantee, express or implied, that our observations and random moisture readings offer conclusive evidence that no moisture problems exist, or that problems found are all-inclusive. Nor does a high moisture reading offer conclusive evidence that a problem exists; false readings, while infrequent, do occur. The combination of a trained eye, experience, education and moisture meter readings is what makes this screening process effective.


If you interested in obtaining a stucco warranty for your home; Moisture Warranty Corporation is the only national company that can insure EIFS (Stucco) homes.


Alatech Home Inspection service follows the inspection protocol of the Moisture Warranty Corporation and Alatech’s reports are accepted for review and possible warranty coverage. With this solution you can feel secure that your interim and post repair inspections will be through. Warranties are written by Moisture Warranty Corporation.


If you choose to have a stucco warranty, you’ll also want to have interim inspections to be sure that moisture problems do not reoccur.


If you have a repair company that inspects and repairs stucco and offers a bond the company will require doing the interim inspections. If the inspector finds that damage has occurred during an interim inspection it will cost the company money to repair the damage, so he may be hesitant to disclose that he found damage.


You can contact moisture warranty at or 1-800-400-8679


Alatech Home Inspection Service can perform a complete home inspection of structure for real-estate transactions. Inspection fees are based on the size of the structure in sq. ft., number of sides and how many stories. Please contact us directly with any questions that you may have.

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